Andrew McCutchen Rib Fractured, Not Placed on DL


The Pittsburgh Pirates Andrew McCutchen revealed some bad news today. The superstar has a fractured rib.  One could assume it was a result of the incident from Arizona.   Perhaps the HBP or more likely when he lunged for the pitch in order to tie the game on Sunday.  Nonetheless, it is his eleventh rib on the left side of his body, which will be troublesome to combat when you consider he is a right handed hitter and thrower.

Neal Huntington mentioned some very specific medical information on the topic.

An oblique injury would be considered more substantial you could argue.  The big question is how long will Cutch be out with this injury?  The Pirates have to consider how long it will be able to survive without an extra man on the bench.  The team will try and see if Cutch can be ready before the 14 day window.  The disabled list could be retro to when he was hurt.  It’s going to be tough, but the fracture is actually bad news, but not as bad as the oblique injury many had feared.

Cutch is hoping for a miracle as well.

and just to make matters worse for Andrew McCutchen, there is this

Starling Marte has been recalled from his rehab assignment with Indianapolis.  Marte didn’t fare well in his time at Indy.  A lot of strikeouts, one hit, but he did play last nights game in center field.