The Price of Postseason Goosebumps: Mets Call Up Dilson Herrera


Dilson Herrera was the player a lot of people forgot about in the Marlon Byrd trade last year.  Now, fans will get to see the player that has skyrocketed through the Mets system this year.

Vic Black was the player that stung for us.  Especially when considering just what the Pirates bullpen has become at times this season.    Marlon Byrd made the Pirates a legit playoff team.  In our eyes, there was no doubt it was a move that needed to be made.

We didn’t realize how much of a player Herrera would become in the minors.  We saw the numbers and thought he would be more than a year away.  But this season, he did things like triple slash at a big rate, but also, the 20-year old, increased his walk rate.  It was enough, when combined with an injury to Daniel Murphy, that Herrera caught the eyes of the Mets organization.  Of course now he needs to perform at the big league level,….and during September games that might not really be able to determine a whole lot, but should at least give the Mets a really good look at their talented youngster.

The Pirates system was light on middle infielders before Herrera was sent to the Mets, just how light became an issue this season.  We won’t even mention the names that made it to the Bucs roster.

It’s the bitter taste that Neal Huntington hates.  It’s the downside to all those joyous moments during the stretch run and most importantly in the playoffs.  It was a move that had to be made.  Postseason goosebumps aren’t free.

Pirates Marlon Byrd delivered the big hit in the first inning of the NLDS.

The story that peaked our interest is over at Baseball Prospectus and was written by Jeff Moore and Craig Goldstein.  Jeff and Craig dig into the details. click here for the full Dilson Herrera story at BP.