Edinson Volquez Fears No Man, Not Even Billy Hamilton


Edinson Volquez fears no man.

Billy Hamilton is faster than a cheetah. Edinson Volquez doesn’t fear cheetahs. Edinson Volquez has Russell Martin behind the plate, hence his lack of fear of cheetahs like Billy Hamilton.  You might not realize that Edison Volquez was fearless, or you might not know what the hell we are talking about, so let us explain. Fangraphs has an incredible feature that Jeff Sullivan puts together.  It’s called Best of the Worst, or as Sullivan writes so eloquently:

"This is the right place for you to be, if you’re fixing to see a bunch of bad missed swings. This is decidedly the wrong place for you to be, if you’re hankering for a bunch of sweet dingers. If it’s neither of those things that you seek, well what am I supposed to do, I’m not a mind-reader. Just say what you’re thinking for God’s sake and don’t make a guessing game of your preferences. There are more important things than communication, but most of them, like breathing, are automatic. Here is his link to the complete series.  It’s freaking tremendous."

This week’s Best of the Worst is courteous of the Pirates own Edinson Volquez.  The situation in the scoreless game between the Bucs and Reds was baseball at its best.  Here is the link with all the fantastic writing by Sullivan.   The Volquez pitch was nearly 50 inches from the center of the zone and Volquez made Todd Frazier look like a tool, which is what Frazier really looks like.  F you Todd Frazier.    Billy Hamilton was on third base and Eddie still threw it.  Thank you Russell Martin.  Screw you Billy.

Be sure to check out Josh Harrison screen shot at the link.

Go Bucs.

Edinson Volquez makes Todd Frazier look like a tool which is frankly what Todd Frazier looks like.

As you know, our Edinson Volquez Fan Club has been a massive hit for the select, wealthy individuals that chose to join.   Too bad you failed to realize in March that Ed was gonna be a stud.  #VolquezFever bitches.

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