Gerrit Cole and His Awesome, Bloody Blister


Gerrit Cole’s new billboard

 Gerrit Cole is a key to the Pittsburgh Pirates performing better in the 2014 postseason than they did in 2013.  Cole is becoming known as Mr. September after his performance during the past two seasons, but a blister on his million dollar finger is causing some alarm in Pittsburgh.  You know, it’s bloody sometimes.

Cole got off to a rough start against the Braves on Tuesday night but finished his seven innings in dramatic fashion as he retired 17 consecutive Braves.   Blood on his pants and all.  The UCLA alum is now 8-1 in September.   He pitched seven innings and gave up four hits, two runs, walked two and struckout eight.  The blood was evident on his baseball pants during the game and Tom Singer mentioned in his article on

It wasn’t a secret, but after whispers., tweets and questions about just what the hell is on the back pocket of Cole’s baseball pants when he pitches— it was finally written about and also tweeted.

Cole has pitched with other injuries during the season, his right index fingernail has given him trouble and that has impacted his spike curveball.  But the amount of blood that was on his pants back on August 26 was quite noticeable as tweeted by @TheVistaCruiser

Gerrit Cole reacts after a strikeout on August 26.

The right-hander has had the blister throughout his career, but according to Clint Hurdle,  it “isn’t really pitching related”

Yeah, ok.

So it’s not really pitching related, it just looks that way.   Obviously, it’s not hitting related though, because he did that just fine in Wrigley.

Gerrit Cole hits first home run of his career.

At first it looked a bit worrisome–the stud pitcher has blook all over the back of his pants.  To opposing batters it could be viewed as be intimidating as hell.  Cole is a #BAMF firing upper 90’s heat and there is blood all over his uniform.

If I were Cole, I would head over to Spirit Halloween and enhance the look a little bit.  Cole should splash some on his glove, get a drip going, make it a Jason flick when he’s on the mound this October.

The more I think about it, this blister has to be one bad ass blister.  It’s been around for years and even a  Cole can’t get rid of it?   Damn.  Sounds like it should have it’s own Twitter account.

God speed Gerrit Cole’s blister.  God speed to you–we are counting on you in the postseason.