Pirates Edinson Volquez Last 10 To Remember


We have been raving about the Pirates Edinson Volquez since March.  We started an overpriced Edinson Volquez fan club. (it sold out–too late to join now loser) We broke down his key starts in Spring Training when he looked like a meth head going through the Pirates pitching rehab version of the Betty Ford Clinic.  #VolquezFever trended as the Pirates right hander took the ball start-after-start-after-start in the 2014 season.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Pittsburgh Pirates

Gerrit Cole called the Pirates Edinson Volquez, who has made 31 starts in 2014, the Pirates “rock.”  What’s the best about watching Volquez in the turbulent 2014 season is seeing the change in his demeanor.  Back in Spring Training, he looked broken, frustrated, and damn if he didn’t take what seemed like 45 seconds between each pitch–tugging at his gold jersey, gold chain and generally just kicking the Grapefruit league mounds.

But now Pirates fans get to see this.

We have been the biggest of Edinson Volquez cheerleaders, writing that the Pirates should attempt to sign the Comeback Player of the Year candidate after his strong outing against the Miami Marlins.  But even we didn’t see what he would do next.  The 10 game stretch to close out the season, just put this free agent to be in the upper tier heading into 2015.  Crazy huh?

So, yeh, even the Fan Club President, never thought he would put up ten starts like he has to close out the 2014 regular season.  Here they are for you.

Against Miami:  21 outs (7 IP) one hit, seven strikeouts, and no earned runs.

Against the Tigers:  18 outs (6 IP), five hits, two earned runs.

Against the Nats:  19 outs (6.1 IP), six hits, one earned run.

Against the Brewers:  16 outs (5.2 IP), eleven hits, just two earned runs.

Against the Reds: 23 outs (7.2 IP), three hits, just one earned run.

Against the Cardinals: 19 outs (6.1 IP), three hits and zero earned runs.

Against the Phillies: 18 outs (6 IP), six hits, three earned runs.

Against the Cubs:  21 outs (7 IP), four hits, just one earned run.

Against the Brewers:  21 outs (7 IP), three hits, zero earned runs.

Against the Braves in his final start of the tremendous comeback season, Volquez went seven innings, struck out ten and allowed zero runs again.

Now the postseason and the well deserved recognition await Edinson Volquez.

We have Edinson Volquez fever