NL Wild Card Game – John Holdzkom Backpack Signs


What would a John Holdzkom backpack sign say?

The Pittsburgh Pirates will host the San Francisco Giants for the National League Wild Card Game at PNC Park.  The game appears to be a toss-up, but one thing is certain.  Pirates fans are going to show up in a big way.  The fans have all but been out right challenged to match the environment from the 2013 Wild Card #Blackout.

The Pirates won that game, fired up the pumpkin, and headed to the dance.  Don’t remember the details from that game?  Here is our recap  Fire Up the Pumpkin, Cinderalla Pirates Headed to Dance

Since we don’t know what the outcome will be tomorrow night, we are left with our minds to wonder.  Daydream about what might be.  Along that vein, we have laughed so hard at the #HunterPenceSigns that were all over Twitter today.

Sep 2, 2014; St. Louis, MO, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher John Holdzkom (43) throws to a St. Louis Cardinals in his major league debut during the eighth inning at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Pirates 6-4. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It made us think, what would Holdzkom write on his pink backpack?  We gave it a shot, so should you.  As you know, John Holdzkom has been nearly lights out since making his way from Independent League baseball to the big leagues, and now to the Major League Baseball Wild Card game.

There is a really good chance that Holdzkom will get in the game too.  The fireballing-palm-balling reliever has taken the baseball world by storm. The postgame interview Holdzkom gave after the Pirates clinched their playoff berth was legendary.

Now Pirates fans hope in can become a bit more legendary.

So pretend that it’s Wild Card Wednesday.  John Holdzkom puts his Copenhagen in his pants.  The 6’9″ Superman pulls on his pink backpack and gets ready to head out to the Pirates once-cracked, now-hopefully-air-tight for the playoffs shark tank.

What would the sign on his backpack say?