Another Reason To Hate Those St. Louis Cardinals Fans


Oct 28, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams fans Ernie Moretti , Sue Moretti , Bert Yates and Sue Yates tailgate prior to the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Rams at Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Mayor of St. Louis responded to that Wall Street Jounral article that called the Cardinals the most hate-worthy team in the Major League Baseball playoffs.  The Pirates finished in seventh on the Wall Street Journal hateability index, mostly for the Sports Illustrated cover of Andrew McCutchen–and you know, all those batters that the team plunked this season.

The St. Louis Cardinals won the WSJ Hateabilty Index

St. Louis Cardinals fans love themselves so much it’s a bit difficult to bear, but at no time do we feel jealous of the Cardinals–the actual team. The organization wins when it matters most.

The team could have a sizeable payroll, but actually is rather modest in their approach. Remember that Albert Pujols guy they let walk out the door? It turns out that it was the right move. Matt Adams is quite a first baseman and has success in the postseason for the Cardinals, while Pujols had difficulty after leaving St. Louis. It wasn’t the death move that many felt it would be, because the Cardinals have options.

The Cardinals always have options. It’s a fascinating organization that the Pirates actually have had some recent success against, despite the Pirates sizeable difference in payroll.

The title of the Mayor’s response is Don’t Be Jealous. Great angle. Tell us what you think we feel about you.

The letter starts by saying St. Louis ‘is sorry.’ Yeah, we love that approach too.

The thing about St. Louis is this. It’s not the team that I hate, it’s just some of their fans,l well most of their fans.  Here is the Mayor’s beatdown.   Don’t Be Jealous