Texas Rangers [Team Without Manager] Interested in Jeff Banister


Jeff Banister- most intense BP pitcher in MLB.

Jeff Banister is a legend in the history of this blog. The Texas Rangers are the latest team to have interest in the former University of Houston player to interview for their vacant managerial job.   Banister would be a perfect fit for the job and it also would be a lot closer to home for him.  If he wants the job, there is little doubt in my mind that Banister will be the man that gets it.

If you know the Banister story, there isn’t anything that he doesn’t get done when he puts his mind to it.  The man knows the game.  The man knows the numbers.  The man knows the players.  The man knows the fans–sometimes even jackasses like us.  The man knows his family–which is another fabulous story that tells a lot about the man behind the rock solid physique.  We can’t wish enough luck to Banny in his pursuit of the [;insert team here]’ Rangers job.

As you know, this is the latest team interested in hiring Banister as their skipper.

The rest of this article is, as much as the first part was, cut and paste.  Jeff Banister is going to be a skipper in the big leagues, it’s just a matter of time.

The Pirates success is tied to their culture and Banister has been a massive part of that.  Our favorite Banny story is pasted at the bottom of this post.  Don’t miss it.

As most of you realize, Banister has been more than gracious with his time during his time with the Pirates providing some interesting perspective for podcast listeners.  Check one of the best out here from 2011:  Banister was a guest on our Rumbunter podcast .

If you recall, we were big fans of Banister being named the skipper of the Pirates during the interview process after John Russell was fired.  Of course, the job went to Clint Hurdle setting up that crazy video we did, silly photoshops and one that was actually a favorite of Banny’s.

Jeff Banister has been in the Pirates organization for 29 years.


An exert from Jeff Banister My Kind of Lifer

If you have ever been to PirateFest, it’s a really good time. This past winter, we were standing at PirateFest talking to a couple friends after we had accomplished what had never been done before, the Pittsburgh Pirates held interviews with some of the best Pirates writers on the planet.

We felt great about what we had put together. Finally the Pittsburgh Pirates were talking to talented people from the best Pirates sites. People like Matt Bandi, Charlie and Vlad from Bucs Dugout, Kristy and Pirates Prospects. Each are very detailed and passionate about providing baseball fans with stories that are more detailed than you will ever find in any newspaper. (Of course, RumBunter isn’t real big on details so we exclude our site from that last sentence.)

Everyone that was backstage that night at PirateFest and some that couldn’t make it like Brian from Raise The Jolly Roger, Pat from WHYGAVS and Kipper from Pgh Sports Tavern are people that we have the utmost amount of respect for, because writing isn’t easy. Writing about the Pirates is downright difficult. We will take a guess and say they will be fans of the hometown team for life.

It was a cool moment and I happened to look up because if you have ever had the feeling someone was staring at you, that’s the feeling I had.

And guess what? Jeff Banister was giving me the eye.

My heart dropped a little bit as we had a lot of fun with Banister this past winter. We felt that Banister would have been a good selection as the Pirates new manager. But we also had a weird way, like usual, of saying it.

My mind raced because we also had a little over-the-top fun with some photoshops at Banister’s expense.

The man who had been employed by the Pittsburgh Pirates his entire life was starting to walk toward us. Personally, I have spent most of my career with one company. There is something to be said about a person that is loyal. But maybe Banister was going to be a little pissed off about what this Pirate writer, one that isn’t as smart as everyone else, had to say about him.

The first thing we realized as Banister walked toward us was Banister takes care of himself.  I mean the guy is built like a Syrian cave.

Our next thought was his stare is pretty intense which made me think of protecting myself. I didn’t have any weapons other than a tape recorder, a Blackberry, and a pen that was out of ink. My right knee had just been surgically repaired so there was no way I could pull off a hit and run. But heh, I did have this makeshift crutch that might work.

It must have been the four pills we popped to withstand the pain that sent us into a panic. Jeff Banister put out his hand and and as he crushed three bones, he smiled and said something that describes what type of man Jeff Banister is.

"“That Step Brothers photo shop was hilarious.”"

As I exhaled laughter, I thought shit. I wasn’t going to get my ass kicked by the Pirates bench coach after all.