Jeff Banister Thanks Pittsburgh on 93.7 Fan


Jun 29, 2014; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates bench coach

Jeff Banister

(28) talks with Pittsburgh Steelers former running back Jerome Bettis (R) in the Pirates dugout before the Pirates host the New York Mets at PNC Park. The Pirates won 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Banister was formally announced as the Texas Rangers 18th manager in team history today.  It was a pretty busy day for Banny as Rangers GM Jon Daniels called Banister a winner and a survivor during the introduction.

Colin Dunlap, who always gets the best guests, had the Rangers new skipper on the Colin Dunlap Radio Program on 93.7 The Fan tonight. The 50 year-old Banister looks like a 35-year old, and Banister needed every ounce of strength for todays event.  But as Banister told Dunlap, today was nothing compared to the past few days for the 29-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

Banister was a bit late for the interview, but he more than made up for it with some great information.  Be sure to check out the link below for the complete interview.

Dunlap asked how the process worked and it was a pretty amazing story.  It began when Jon Daniels Neal Huntington that the Rangers were interested in speaking with Banister for their vacant manager job.  Huntington delivered the news to Banister and a “90-minute phone conversation” followed.

Banister then was told he was to report to Arlington and interviewed with 14 men, four different groups from 10am to 530 pm.  Banny details some of the questions and mentioned that strategic baseball questions were asked as well as the men wanted to find out who Jeff Banister really was.

He then flew back to his Houston home and the Rangers asked for a few questions to be completed by email.  A couple of days later a really interesting thing happened.  The Rangers told Banister that they wanted to fly in and spend the day with him at his house…”my turf” as Banister described it.

[I admit, I have never heard of such a situation, but what a great idea]

The visit must have went well, because Banister received a call that he was to come back and meet with ownership.  Then they sent him an offer as the Texas Rangers manager.

Good for Jeff Banister.  You will be missed.

Banister thanked the fans of Pittsburgh in the final moments of the interview.   It was classic Banny and I do it no justice. I think it got a little misty…

"Over half my life….I told everyone today…I just cant turn the switch off. Its in the fabric of me….. I am a Pirate…… But I am also a Texas Ranger. Its who I am. Its how I am built.   I want to thank the people of Pittsburgh..your listeners… for always being there for me.  I appreciate them."

You are welcome Banny.


Some other tidbits…  Banister called himself a middle school guy.  We found way to mesh the new and old school. Found core answers. I believe in numbers.  I believe in the analytics.  But I also believe in the human analytics as well.  Banister spoke about finding the hot button of players. Being there to challenge them and filling them up so when time comes that you need to tell a player the hard truth…[just good stuff…go listen]
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