Pittsburgh Pirates Top Five Shortstops

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Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For some teams, shortstop is a bit of a black hole. Teams like the Tampa Bay Rays and the Kansas City Royals have gone through quite a few shortstops in their history, yet have not exactly met with much in the way of sustained success. It is just strange how some teams just have ongoing issues at certain positions.

When it comes to shortstop, the Pittsburgh Pirates are not one of those teams with continual issues. In fact, the exact opposite has been the case. The Pirates have been fortunate enough to have two Hall of Fame shortstops and a former MVP in their history. Pirates shortstops have traditionally been among the best in baseball.

That made creating this list of the top shortstops in Pittsburgh Pirates history such a fun exercise. So many solid to great players manned the position, including some that did not make the cut. Perhaps more than any of the other lists thus far, creating a top five countdown at short was quite the project.

As with the previous lists, the Fangraphs.com Wins Above Replacement category was used as a guide. However, that category did not have the final say over who made the list, or, at the very least, in what position. Naturally, with the quality of shortstops that the Pirates have had, there may be plenty of debate over who should slot where.

We hope you enjoy this look through the different shortstops in Pittsburgh Pirates history as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Let us know in the comments if there is anyone that you would have ranked differently, or if someone did not make the list that you felt should.

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