Pittsburgh Pirates Top Five Right Fielders

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credit: chicago.cubs.mlb.com

4. Kiki Cuyler (1921-1927)

Kiki Cuyler only had three full seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, playing in only twelve games in his first three seasons and was benched in 1927 because he did not want to bat second due to his superstitions. However, in those three full seasons, Cuyler had quite an impact.

In that time with the Pirates, before he was traded away, Cuyler produced a .336/.399/.513 batting line with 38 home runs and 130 stolen bases. Cuyler’s excellent speed helped him lead the National League in stolen bases four times in his career, including once as a Pirate. He also hit 26 triples in 1925, tied for the eighth most in baseball history.

On defense, that excellent speed gave Kiki Cuyler tremendous range, as he would typically end up among the league leaders in range factor. Cuyler also possessed a tremendous arm in the outfield, often ranking among the league leaders in outfield assists and double plays.

Even though Cuyler only really had three full seasons to show the Pittsburgh Pirates what he could do, he is still sixth in WAR for right field, behind two players who spent more time at third. Inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1968, Kiki Cuyler was one of the best right fielders that the Pirates had.

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