Pittsburgh Pirates Top Five Center Fielders

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Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

You have to know that the top five at a position has to be pretty good when a Hall of Fame player does not crack the list. After all, how many teams can say that they had a player make the Hall of Fame having spent most of their career on that squad, yet not be in the top five? Chances are, it is not that many.

However, that is where the Pittsburgh Pirates find themselves. Given the overall talent that the Pirates have had during their history, that may not be much of a surprise, yet to know that Lloyd Waner will not be joining his brother Paul as one of the Pirates best may be a shock. However, there have been several better players who were primarily center fielders in Pittsburgh.

While the center fielders for the Pittsburgh Pirates are not the same caliber as the list of right fielders, that does not diminish the talent that the Pirates have had there. This list contains a Hall of Fame player, several All-Stars and someone who may well be one of the top five players in baseball. This list would be the envy of quite a few teams in baseball.

Again, the Fangraphs.com Wins Above Replacement category was used as a guide to create this list. Of course, personal opinion was used as well, as no top five list can be complete if it is not entirely subjective.

We hope you enjoy this series as we continue to look over the greatest players in Pittsburgh Pirates history. So, without further ado, here are the five greatest center fielders for the Pirates.

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