Our Favorite Pittsburgh Pirates Memorabilia

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Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball, perhaps more than any other sport, is a sport that is ingrained in the past. We all have memories of our favorite players growing up, or of those moments that helped make us baseball fans. We remember those nights of watching the game on the television, or listening to the game over the radio, with our fathers and grandfathers. We remember those afternoons spent on the ballfield, or just playing catch.

Perhaps in those younger days, you spent your hard earned money, either from an allowance of a part time job, on baseball cards. Having those pictures of your heroes in your hands made the game seem that much closer. Or, perhaps you hung around the ballpark, hoping to get an autograph from your favorite player. Perhaps this collecting bug never left, and to this day, you still collect sports memorabilia.

However, even if one does not collect in the classic sense, that does not mean that they do not have certain keepsakes that remind them of past glory or of favorite moments. We all have our keepsakes, those items that are precious to us as we recall the good old days.

What follows is a list of our favorite pieces of Pittsburgh Pirates memorabilia. Some of these are for sentimental reasons, others for the history involved. Yet, each piece has a story, which we are going to share with you. We hope you enjoy a look into our favorite pieces of Pirates memorabilia, and that you share some of yours in the comments.

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