Our Favorite Pittsburgh Pirates Memorabilia

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Dave Hill tells us of a favorite baseball card, and of keeping a player’s memory alive.

I started collecting baseball cards when I was seven years old. To this day, I can remember the first card I ever received – a 1987 Topps Ben Oglivie that was on top of that first pack. It is amazing how certain things like that can stick with someone.

As time has gone on, my collecting habits have changed slightly. Now, instead of collecting anything I can get my hands on, I limited my scope to Hallof Fame players and rarer cards. If there is a limited print run, and a low serial number, then that makes it a lot more attractive to me.

That is part of why one of my favorite cards is my 2011 Donruss Limited Cuts Max Carey numbered to 49. It also helps that Carey is a vastly underrated player these days, as his exploits happened a century ago. Yet, this is still the person with the National League lead for career steals of home, perhaps the greatest baserunner in baseball history and a brilliant outfielder. His excellent Game Seven in 1925, where he had four hits, including three doubles, off Walter Johnson helped the Pirates win the World Series.

Even if the card does not have the sentimental attachment that some of these other items have, it is a great reminder of the player who is still considered the best center fielder in Pittsburgh Pirates history. In at least one household, Max Carey will be remembered for the amazing player he was.

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