Andrew McCutchen lets us in on a “secret”


Andrew McCutchen absolutely owned Pittsburgh Pirates fans this morning with one simple tweet.  In that tweet was this cryptic tease from the man himself:

"I’ve had a secret that’s been weighing me down for a while… I’ll let you in on it at noon today"

The tweet came with this video

Immediately the entire Bucco fandom was set to scurry off and speculate away for three long grueling hours.  We put out a call on our twitter for the best responses as to what the #CutchSecret could be, and the results prove once and for all that the lack of games that count and endless debate about spring training has turned our minds to mush.

Perhaps the best response was this one:

In the end, it was revealed that the secret was not a contract extension, nor was it anything to do with extracurricular activities.  But, the actual secret was also upsetting to some, and it sent shock waves through all of baseball.

Andrew McCutchen cut his hair.  Let’s hear it from the man himself:

Yes, the signature dreads are gone, rendering this excellent commercial from MLB obsolete:

We should have seen this coming.  Going over to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s recap of McCutchen’s return to action, you can clearly see a different look in the attached photo.  If he did cut it yesterday, then I have to give kudos to everyone at McKechnie Field yesterday, from the Pirates to the fans to the media, for keeping it under wraps.

Looking at all of the hoopla, one thing is clear:  we have never been more starved for the regular season to begin than we are right now.

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