BREAKING: Pedro Alvarez to return to 3B by Opening Day


Unconfirmed reports say that Pedro Alvarez will return to third base for the Pittsburgh Pirates, starting with Opening Day 2015.  This is a stunning reversal that goes against everything previously reported and shown in Spring Training.  There is also unconfirmed word that Josh Harrison will give first base a try.  When asked about the stunning switch, Pirates manager Clint Hurdle responded:

"Now that Pedro’s bat is playing again, it’s clearly time that he go back to his natural habitat after the short mental break he had.  I’m fully confident that he can handle it.  Plus, JHay was telling me that he was feeling a little bit bored lately, having stuck at one position for this long, it was definitely a challenge for him.  I can almost see a scenario where they switch positions from game to game."

Looking at Jhay’s career, first base is one of the few positions that he has not played until recently.  When asked about the change, Harrison had this to say:

"Truthfully I feel like the coaching staff wasn’t challenging me enough, so I went over to skip after our last game and said it was time for a change.  He asked me about first base, and I thought I could handle it.  As long as I get a chance to play everyday, I don’t care where they put me.  I’m working on a pretty nasty changeup, actually."

Had this been a real post, this would be the point where we would tell you to check back for further analysis as it develops.  Alas, this is an April Fool’s Day joke and should not be taken seriously in any regards.  We apologize for any spit-takes caused by our playful sense of mirth.


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