Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt 2015


Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt 2015

The Sixth Annual Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt presented by The Rumbunter Podcast is finally here.  Submit your photos from Opening Day 2015 at PNC Park to RumBunter and you could win two tickets to see your Pittsburgh Pirates this year.

Last year’s winner was @TheSportsJudge who edged out @SketchBucn and @DavidSwanger.  Judge won the internet with his super powered phone battery that gave us some of the funniest pictures since  Jimmy Chick broke Twitter during the 2012 Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt.

In the past we have seen photo hunters grab great shots like this one which showcased a Bucco fan that had worked all winter long to capture his inner Phil Garner.

Bold photographers of the RumBunter Photo Hunt have been able to prove that Stan Savarn is actually a human and does take piss breaks.

This was a legendary picture from Jimmy….

It’s here, the sweet, sweet music of baseball season is upon us.

It’s the contest everyone has been waiting for, our 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt clues will be listed below..right after Shiphead.


It’s time for Opening Day at PNC Park.  The day when Pittsburghers make their own custom, sleeveless shersies, throw on some sweat bands, toss on their aviator sunglasses and never take them off for the entire day.   Even if they are in a dimly lit drinking establishments.

Without further delay.

Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt

The contest is still as simple as it was six years ago. All you have to do is take the pictures at the opener at PNC Park and get them to us. Send your pics to us one of two ways :

OPTION ONE: email myrumbunter at gmail

OPTION TWO: send to our Twitter account

We will compile them, pick the overall winner, publish them, and get your Pirates tickets ready.   Those tickets are in aisle seats in the lower infield section 117.  No nosebleeds when you play with RumBunter..

Photos can be submitted beginning at 9:30am when the parking lots open. We will accept photos until 10pm on Monday night, because we know the lengths some of you travel. Remember, the photos don’t have to be perfect, just send them over.

Here is the list in text format too.

1.  Best picture of Pedro Alvarez who Smitty picked would be the team MVP in his crazy Pirates predictions post.

2. Best game action pic

3. Pirates fans love wearing jerseys of ex-Pirates.  Get one.

4.  Trashiest Pirates fan.  Trust me, there will be all kinds of talent for you

5. Hot dogs are fun.  They are even better when photographed.

6. Tailgating is a tradition.  Get a cool shot of a tailgate highlight for everyone to enjoy

7. The weather will be amazing.  Shirts are coming off–capture it forever.

8.  Bob Nutting should be at the game.  How can he deny thousands of fans who ask to take a selfie with him?

9. Most original photo (past winners have utilized little people and the Club Erotica limo–but there is no pressure to do so.

10.  Best selife

11. Best group selfie

12. Kent Tekulve

13. Best mullet

14. Best mustache

15. Sax Man

Enjoy the 2015 Pirates home opener.  Send us your pics, we might send you to a game.  Go Bucs!

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