Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Hunt 2015 Results


Corey Hart eyes up his victim in the left center field bleachers… Photo property of Rumbunter.com

Another Pittsburgh Pirates Photo Hunt is in the books, the 2015 winner is RyanG’Thang.   Opening Day in Pittsburgh was a thing of beauty for most everyone.  Gerrit Cole pitched his tail off, but Corey Hart stole the show.

We snapped a picture of Hart in the on deck circle as he points out the landing spot of his home run.  What happened next was pretty special.

Photo property of Curtis Sproul. Pirates Photo Hunt 2015

We must say that the highlight picture was the scene caused when Pirates slugger Corey Hart clubbed his pinch hit home run.  Madness ensued.

Curtis Sproul was in the middle of the aftermath of the Hart cannonball that landed in the face of a Pirates fan.  As Curtis mentioned, look at the bloody ball!

The Hart homer set off a string of events when the Pirates fan spilled his valuable-last-call-is-over-late-inning-beer onto the Detroit Tigers fan in the dark shirt below. The Tigers fan was livid, but eventually laughed it off in good fun.  We couldn’t confirm if the Pirates fan wiped the bloody ball on him or not.

Keep causing chaos Corey Hart.  We love it!

Corey Hart belted a pinch hit bomb and bloodied the face of a Pirates fan. Pirates Photo Hunt 2015

The aftermath of the Corey Hart bomb.

The aftermath of the Corey Hart bomb. Pirates Photo Hunt 2015.

The winner of the 2015 Pirates Photo Hunt is Ryan.  Send us your address and we will get your tickets in the mail.

Some of the best pictures are posted below for you.

Loving the stache…

A leaner, and from the looks of the picture, meaner Judge….

Paying attention to details…love it…

Ryan killed it….got a shirtless pic (of a man)

Ahh, lip sweater looks sweaty…

The real BSchimmy with the long range lens to get another…shirtless man fan…

I am so confused…


Ryan got one of the hottest photos of the day…

Hoist the Colors! Wait.. guess Mom didn’t get the memo.

Pirates Photo Hunt 2015

In case you were wondering, our best Pedro Alvarez pic is the featured pic in this post…home run number three about to leave PNC Park.

Thank you to all who participated!  We will see you NEXT YEAR!

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