Pittsburgh Pirates podcast: RB Radio Ep 5 – ‘Lockedown’


The Pittsburgh Pirates have gone 5-2 over the last seven but may have a potential black hole at the end of their rotation in Jeff Locke.

(Side note: we are sorry for the pun. We tried to resist, really)

Here is the latest episode of RUM BUNTER RADIO

Rum Bunter Radio is a weekly show hosted by Tyler and Jason, featuring recaps, news, opinion, analysis, special guests, and more. Each week we will take stock of the Pirates landscape and offer our thoughts on  the current state of the team. Future plans for the show include exciting guests, and plenty of reader interaction.

In this episode…

Tyler and Jason dissect the 5-2 week the Pirates put together since last we hit your ears. We go in depth on Jeff Locke to the point of nauseum, like a couple of masochists, only to have our fire fueled by some breaking news.

We do our usual Bulls and Bears bit and tell you whose stock is rising and falling on the Pirates 25-man.

We’ll also debut Matt Bower’s BACK DECK MINUTE, a companion to his wildly popular Back Deck Reports.

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-Tyler & Jason

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