Interview with Pirates’ 2015 first round pick Kevin Newman

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Cooper, the proud mascot of the West Virginia Black Bears

Kevin Newman Interview Transcript

Justin: This is Justin from Rum Bunter. I’m here with Kevin Newman. We have a few questions for you…Every aspiring Major Leaguer has a player they look up to and wouldn’t mind emulating. Did you have a player like that?

Kevin: Ah yeah, Derek Jeter. Growing up I always tried to, tried to, be like him. On and off the field, just a great guy, phenomenal baseball player. I just idolized him.

Justin: Can you describe your initial reaction to being drafted by the Pirates?

Kevin: Ah, it was surreal. It was, you know, a dream come true, a day I have been waiting for for a really long time.

Justin: What have you seen so far in the organization that is going to help you grow as a player?

Kevin: You know, I see a lot of coaches that are committed to developing their players. They really want what’s best for us. And they take the time to really teach us and help us get better in areas that we all need to get in better in. Eventually that’s going to pay dividends down the road and eventually help us get to the big leagues.

Justin: Working on things like the shift…

Kevin: Yeah, I mean the shift, the shift is more of just an adjustment than anything. But more so in terms of turning a double play, receiving the ball.

Justin: You didn’t deal with the shift in college?

Kevin: Correct.

Justin: Played straight up.

Kevin: Yeah.

Justin: What is going to key your development as you move forward in this New York Penn League?

Kevin: Hard work. Going to come and get my work in everyday before the game. Just keep my head down and take ground balls. Get reps. Get better everyday. If the outcome after the game isn’t what we like, there is plenty of time to advance as a player. Personal and early work and all the things that come with that.

Justin: What are you seeing from the pitchers you have faced in the first two weeks?

Kevin: The first two weeks have been kind of an adjusting period for myself. I was really excited, kinda nervous. The pitching is better than it was in college. Obviously this is professional baseball now so you see some guys that are really good and advanced. Baseball is a game of adjustments so come in here and seeing that, it is time for me to make an adjustment and get used to seeing better pitching.

Justin: How are you adjusting to playing with Kevin up the middle with you?

Kevin: It’s definitely different but we’re just working everyday before the games. We take ground balls with each other and feed each other. Kind of learn each other’s tendencies and where we are at what times. It’s all a learning process and we’re just working everyday to get better.

Justin: How is the team developing together? Like a night like tonight you didn’t play, you can tell you guys are starting to bond together. Can you describe that?

Kevin: We have a great bunch of guys here. Everybody wants each other to do well. And we hold each other accountable. We want everyone to work hard and put in their time. As long as we are doing that, there is not really much more we can control.

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