Pittsburgh Pirates podcast – #12 – Majors and Minors


Pittsburgh Pirates fans take heart. Now there is a weekly podcast from the writing and editorial team at Rum Bunter. It’s called Rum Bunter Radio. Each week Tyler and Jason will team up to go over the previous week in Pirates baseball. In each episode you’ll find stats, info, opinions, and more.

Here is the latest episode of RUM BUNTER RADIO – “MAJORS AND MINORS”

Snack pairing suggestion: We have an interview with the 2015 19th overall draft pick, Kevin Newman. Plan accordingly. Get your popcorn ready.

In this episode…

-Tyler and Jason are joined by Rum Bunter’s designated ‘Minor league guy’ – Justin Frazee. Together the trio discuss the last week in Pirates baseball

-Justin and Jason are covering games for the West Virginia Black Bears in their inaugural season! They talk about this and play an interview Justin had with Kevin Newman

Jeff Locke, Antonio Bastardo, Sean Rodriguez, Jordy Mercer, and Arquimedes Caminero are all prominently involved. Proceed with caution.

-Tyler interviews Adam Bittner, columnist for The Pittsburgh Press – the afternoon digital-only edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

-Rum Bunter Radio is a weekly show hosted by Tyler and Jason, featuring recaps, news, opinion, analysis, special guests, and more. Each week we will take stock of the Pirates’ landscape and offer our thoughts on the current state of the team. Future plans for the show include exciting guests and plenty of reader interaction.

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-Tyler & Jason