PREVIEW: Pittsburgh Pirates all-stars set to shine in Cincinnati


The Pittsburgh Pirates 2015 All Stars – Mark Melancon, Gerrit Cole, Andrew McCutchen and A.J. Burnett – are ready to shine in Cincinnati along with the rest of the stars from Major League Baseball.

Here is a look at this year’s rosters:

American League

National League

Starting the game for the National League is Dallas Keuchel/LHP (11-4, 2.223 ERA). Opposing him will be Zack Greinke/RHP (8-2, 1.39 ERA). 

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Of course, to Pittsburgh Pirates fans, that is all window-dressing. The four representatives for the team provide an excellent cross-section of the team and is a true representation of their first-half success. McCutchen overcame a shaky start to lead an offense that can be deadly at times while admittedly still finding their way. Cole and Burnett represent a starting rotation that has the second-best ERA in all of baseball and boasts the Wins leader in Cole. Melancon represents a bullpen that is shaky in the middle at times but is as good as any on the back end. None are undeserving. All are true all-stars, and it’s very fitting to see them rewarded as such.

As for the game itself – it’s very hard not to like the National League’s chances. While the American League has the offensive firepower to match the National League, the NL has a clear advantage in pitching in my opinion. In addition to Greinke and the Pittsburgh Pirates, the NL pitchers include such illuminaries as Madison Bumgarner and Max Scherzer.

Official prediction: National League 7, American League 5.

It should be a very entertaining exhibition. Pittsburgh Pirates fans should watch closely, as the outcome may decide how many potential World Series games the North Shore would see.

Not as preposterous as it was a few weeks ago, was it?

Oh, and just one last time…this:

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