Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast – The curious case of JA Happ


Take heart Pittsburgh Pirates fans. Your favorite Pirates podcast is back with a new episode!

Today’s Rum Bunter Radio – “The Curious Case of JA Happ” is now available.  Give it a listen right here:

Snack pairing suggestion: Finally back to a full episode after last week’s technical debacle, please enjoy our show with a bowl of home made-chips with a side of ranch dressing.

In this episode…

– Tyler and Jason go in depth on two favorite topics for Pirates fans: Pedro Alvarez and J.A. Happ.

– The boys discuss what the heck to do with the Pirates infield. Jordy Mercer, Jung Ho Kang, Neil Walker, and Aramis Ramirez are heavily involved.

– #askrumbunter is now the OFFICIAL hashtag for folks to sound off to RB Radio. We respond to quite a few questions this week, with exciting results.

-Rum Bunter Radio is a weekly show hosted by Tyler and Jason, featuring recaps, news, opinion, analysis, special guests, and more. Each week we will take stock of the Pirates’ landscape and offer our thoughts on the current state of the team. Future plans for the show include exciting guests and plenty of reader interaction.

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-Tyler & Jason

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