Pittsburgh Pirates podcast – “And Down the Stretch They Come”


Take heart Pittsburgh Pirates fans. Your favorite Pirates podcast is back with TWO NEW EPISODES and a chance to win a very interesting book!

Let’s get started with our usual – today’s Rum Bunter Radio – “And Down the Stretch They Come” is now available.  Give it a listen right here:

In this episode…

– Steve is in for a sickly Jason and he and Tyler review the last week in Pirates baseball.

– A great deal of time is spent discussing A.J. Burnett‘s impending return. The boys try to determine his role upon return.


Jason recently had the time to sit down with Eric Kabakoff, author of “Rally Caps, Rain Delays, and Racing Sausages.” The book chronicles his time visiting every MLB ballpark over a multiyear period. What we found interesting about this is that it wasn’t your standard tour of a park in one year, or a few months. The fact that he did this over the span of a few years bears great insight into the lasting memories that he came away with of each park. PNC Park is of course often mentioned in our chat. Give it a listen here:

You can win a copy of the book!  When we talk about PNC Park, the #1 topic that comes up is “The View.” But what’s the best part of PNC besides its crown jewel?  Give us your take as instructed below over on twitter, and we’ll pick an entry at random to win a copy!

-Rum Bunter Radio is a weekly show hosted by Tyler and Jason, featuring recaps, news, opinion, analysis, special guests, and more. Each week we will take stock of the Pirates’ landscape and offer our thoughts on the current state of the team. Future plans for the show include exciting guests and plenty of reader interaction.

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-The Rumbunter.com Staff

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