SERIES REVIEW: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers

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Well, that hurt like hell. This may have been the worst series of the year for the Pirates. They never lead in any of the games and at no point looked to be in control. They were completely bettered by a vastly inferior ball club. The Brewers are not good in 2015, they are a rebuilding team and they just took the Pirates to school. The Pirates MUST improve against division opponents because right now the path to the World Series will include both the Cubs and Cardinals. Still time to improve and get better, but not a lot of happiness in Bucco Nation right now. ‘

This is just one series and you can’t overreact too much to it. Even though it was so obscenely frustrating and not a good one. The Pirates are still in a good position to make the playoffs and that is something that needs to be remembered. We’re still four games up on Chicago for the top wildcard spot and 11 games up on the Giants. This one series isn’t some signifier that the Pirates aren’t a playoff team.

We all want the division, but if it’s indeed a one game playoff, you just have to play the hand you are dealt. Even if it’s the Cubs and Jake Arieta, it isn’t some guaranteed loss. Johnny Cueto owned us for years, and we got to him in the 2013 Wildcard game. It’s one game, anything can happen. That’s what makes it very scary because as we saw in 2014, one great pitcher can make all the difference. However, the NL Central is not lost yet. Have to beat the Cardinals and then start playing better against the Reds and Cubs. Either way, it’ll still be a very fun month of September and come October, we should see playoff baseball in Pittsburgh for a third consecutive season.

Series Result: Pirates lose 0-3

2015 win/loss record: 79-53

2015 series record: 23-14-5

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