MLB Draft: 2016 Top High School Catchers and First Baseman

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The 2016 MLB Draft is just a little over a month away, taking place on June 9. Using, Baseball America, and other various sites, I’ll be ranking each high school player by position over the next couple of weeks, starting with the arms.

Catchers and First Baseman

The Pirates aren’t afraid to go with young position players, and they have taken a high school catcher in the upper first round with Reese McGuire in 2013. They have not chosen a true first baseman by trade in the first round, and I would not expect that to change this year. Within the upcoming weeks, after giving out my top 8 high school players of each position, more analysis will be focused on who the Pirates could realistically target at picks number 22 and 41, along with their second round pick. The day before the draft will feature a breakdown of the typical Neal Huntington draft, as we look to provide quality Major League baseball draft previews.

It’s going to be a fun time like any other draft, and the Pirates have shown they won’t shy away from being aggressive in the first, or if not then, in rounds 2-5. So here is the first look, top four high school catchers or first baseman, who will most likely be a second round or later pick options.

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