MLB Draft: 2016 Top High School Catchers and First Baseman

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MLB Draft
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Ben Rortvedt could be a below slot value pick at number 41. The catcher comes from Verona Area High School in Wisconsin and is committed to Arkansas. Rortvedt stands at 5’10” and 190 pounds, and swings from the left side of the plate, comparable to what Reese McGuire was when the Pirates selected him in 2013. However, those are where the comparisons end, and Rortvedt could be the total opposite of what McGuire was in high school.

Rortvedt looks to be more of an offensive threat than a defensive catcher. He features the ability to make solid contact and provide some home run power. Like most catchers, he does not feature the best of speed, but should be league average among catchers. Rortvedt stands a little bent at the knees, and is square to home plate. He tends to step more towards the third baseman than the pitcher, which if it becomes a problem would be an easy fix.

Rortvedt has a strong enough arm, and is plenty strong enough to throw out runners at am above average clip. His ability behind the plate is lacking, he doesn’t have that advanced feel like McGuire did when he was in high school, but Rortvedt will have plenty of time to develop and work on his craft behind the dish.

His overall picture, I see a smaller AJ Pierzynski type. A catcher that has the ability to for power, and play a little below average defense.

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