MLB Draft: 2016 Top High School Catchers and First Baseman

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To conclude, the high end talent catchers and first baseman among high schoolers is very limited, especially with the options that could go in the first three rounds. The best among the two positions is Joey Wentz, but teams may view him as a pitcher due to his size and velocity coming from the left side. Rortvedt is the best high school catcher in terms of his bat, but he looks to be a second round pick or a below slot value Competitive Balance A pick. Cooper Johnson features an incredible arm and defensive skills, but his bat is light and could result in him being a backup catcher in the future. Walter Robbins’ ceiling is similar to what Brandon Belt is right now, but he has work to do to develop power, including getting a lift in his swing.

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There’s no player, besides Wentz, that stick outs among catchers and first baseman that the Pirates would take in the first round or even Competitive Balance A, and if they did it would be for a well below slot value. The best options look to be Lottery B or even the third round, so the likely hood of the Pirates selecting a high school catcher or first baseman seem slim.

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Tomorrow will take a look on the best high school middle infielders, a position they took in 2014 with Cole Tucker, and last year with college shortstop with Kevin Newman. The Pirates may not look to take a middle infielder early for three straight years, but there is some nice talent available there.