Pittsburgh Pirates: All Time ”Flash in the Pan” Team

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Outfield: Garret Jones

Similar to Jack Wilson, Jones is a good guy who is popular with the fans, and his inclusion on this list can be up for debate. Jones did have more than one good season in a Pirates uniform; however, he was never quite as superhuman as he was in the summer of 2009.

As fans should remember, Garret Jones made his Pirates debut on June 30th and set the world on fire, becoming just the second player in MLB history to hit 20+ home runs after July 1st. Because of how good Jones was and how bad the Pirates were, fans couldn’t help getting a little carried away. The reality was that there was no chance that Jones would ever build upon what he accomplished in 2009. While Jones was a decent hitter for the Bucs until his departure in 2013, (2012 was particularly a good year), he never became the power-hitting superstar that the Steel City wanted.