MLB Draft : A Mock with Complete Analysis of Every Team

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /
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This is exactly how the draft will go tonight… but for real.  This mock draft was made through reading scouting reports, and reading the update to information from Baseball America and  This mock draft has been a work in progress for a few weeks now.

This was one of the hardest drafts to predict.  There is no clear cut, top tier prospect like in previous years.  Since the MLB has installed draft pools into the draft system, teams have to analyze their who draft rather than just taking the best player all the time.  Instead of over spending on certain picks, the teams now have to try and save money at certain spots so they can spend a little more on the prospects who are demanding a little more or the later round talent.

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The Pirates are picking at #22 and #41 which are both considered first round picks.  Over the last few year the Pirates have taken the rising prospects with their traditional first round pick.  Two years ago they took Cole Tucker, who was considered a late rising prospect, and last year Kevin Newman who also was a prospect that was climbing draft boards late.  They very well could do this again.  They do this because they are trusting their scouting department, believe they are getting a quality prospect, and are able to save money to use else where in the draft. This year their slot values are $2.254 million at pick number 22 and $1.576 million at pick number 41.

Check back tonight as the draft gets underway, we will have quick, up to date articles as the Pirates picks come in.  I, Nick Caporoso, will be giving scouting reports and bios on the players. While David and Marty will give a deeper look on how that player fits into the Pirates organization. Its is a great day for baseball, happy draft day!