Which Pittsburgh Pirates were Snubbed from the All-Star Game?

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Definitely Snubbed

Gregory Polanco

Polanco is not on the ballot for the final spot on the NL All-Star roster, unlike Marte. However, I consider him to be a greater snub than Marte and would say that he should definitely be included on the National League’s All-Star roster. Polanco has a batting average higher than two of the three selected starters (Bryce Harper and Dexter Fowler) and a higher on-base percentage than Carlos Gonzalez and Adam Duvall. Additionally, he has a higher slugging percentage than Harper and Fowler as well. Polanco’s OPS and wOBA are also higher than Duvall and Herrera and he has more Home Runs than Fowler and Herrera.

Finally, his wRC+ is higher than all the reserves except for Ozuna, and starter Bryce Harper. Overall, while Polanco’s stats are not tops of any of the All-Star selections, they are all right in the range. Polanco should be on the All-Star team and would likely have been included if not, once again for Duvall and Herrera.

Player Position Avg. OBP Slugging OPS HR wOBA wRC+
Carlos Gonzalez OF 0.315 0.364 0.555 0.919 18 0.386 125
Marcell Ozuna OF 0.314 0.367 0.547 0.914 17 0.386 142
Yoenis Cespedes OF 0.304 0.371 0.589 0.960 21 0.401 158
Odubel Herrera OF 0.302 0.388 0.441 0.829 10 0.360 124
Gregory Polanco OF 0.292 0.368 0.512 0.880 12 0.368 134
Dexter Fowler OF 0.290 0.398 0.483 0.881 7 0.381 139
Bryce Harper OF 0.258 0.402 0.487 0.889 17 0.369 130
Adam Duvall OF 0.252 0.290 0.559 0.849 22 0.352 117

So what are the odds that Polanco is inevitably added to the team, as Marte may be? Logic would say that Marte would be included over Polanco due to his pre-existing inclusion in the Final Vote. While, Polanco’s stats are slightly better overall, it is likely Marte’s seniority and fielding prowess that led to this inclusion.

Because of this I agree with the logic that Marte has a better chance of being added, whether via this outlet or as a replacement player. However, working in Polanco’s favor is that Dexter Fowler will likely have to bow out of the All-Star Game due to injury. Add this to the likelihood that at least another outfielder will decline to participate and the Marte and Polanco could both end up joining Melancon in San Diego and giving the Pittsburgh Pirates three All-Stars.

*Stats and info courtesy of fangraphs, baseball-reference, and espn.com