MLB: Joe Smeltzer’s 2016 Mid-season Awards

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So, these are who I would give baseball’s individual awards to if the season were over today. As for how many of these picks will come true, I think Kris Bryant will be the National League MVP come seasons end, as his superstar numbers are showing no signs of not carrying over into the second half. I think the Corey Seager will beat out Trevor Story for NL Rookie of the Year, as the Dodgers winning more games and being in a bigger media market than Colorado will seal the deal for him. Clayton Kershaw will win his 4th Cy Young, although Johnny Cueto has more than a punchers chance, and I’m gonna drink the Kool-Aid and say that Mark Melancon will beat out Kenley Jansen for the Rolaids Relief Man.

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I expect the Marlins to fall off a little in the second half, but even if they don’t, I don’t see Donnie Baseball winning the NL MOY over a more conventional choice like Joe Madden, Bruce Bochy or Dusty Baker.

As for the AL, I think David Ortiz will be the league’s MVP due to the media’s affection for him (and for being a Red Sock). I see no reason why Danny Salazar won’t give Cleveland it’s second Cy Young winner in 3 seasons, and although I expect Michael Fulmer to fall off a tad in the second half, I still think his season will be good enough to take home ROY in the AL. Zach Britton is close to a lock to take home the Rolaids Relief Man.

I think Francona will take home MOY due to the Tribe being that much better than everybody else. That’s all for my mid-season awards. Agree/Disagree? State why in the comments section below.