Tyler Glasnow Needs To Be In The Majors For Good


The Pittsburgh Pirates will recall Tyler Glasnow to start against the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday afternoon, and he needs to be in the Major Leagues for good.

Tyler Glasnow is one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. In fact, Glasnow is one of the top overall prospects in all of baseball regardless of position. The time has come for Tyler Glasnow to be in the Major Leagues to stay.

Saturday will be Tyler Glasnow’s second career Major League start. In the first start back on July 7th, he showed he belongs in the Major Leagues. Now it is time for Tyler Glasnow to be in the Majors full time.

At Triple-A this season Tyler Glasnow has been absolutely dominant. In 102 innings pitched he has a 1.94 ERA, a 2.88 FIP, and a 1.12 WHIP. He is also averaging 10.76 K/9, he’s allowing just 0.35 HR/9,  and his 4.85 BB/9 have not hurt him due to the fact he does not allow many hits and records a lot of strike outs.

Opposing batters simply do not get many base hits off of Tyler Glasnow. At Triple-A this season batters were hitting just .170 against him. And in his first Major League start Glasnow allowed just three base hits in 5 1/3 innings pitched.

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If the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to earn a fourth consecutive postseason berth, they need better starting pitching. The starting pitching has improved lately with Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon returning from the disabled list, plus Francisco Liriano has been pitched better as well. However, the next move that needs to be done to improve that starting rotation is keeping Tyler Glasnow in the Major Leagues for good.

Furthermore, Tyler Glasnow has nothing left to prove at Triple-A. Yes you would like to see a little better control from Glasnow, but ultimately that is something that is going to plague him, at least early on, in his career regardless. Therefore, in my opinion, the Pirates are best served having Glasnow work through it in the Majors.

Not only will working through it in the Majors allow him Tyler Glasnow to help the Major League team, he will also be able to work one-on-one with Ray Searage then. Being able to work one-on-one with Ray Searage would be a huge plus for Tyler Glasnow. After all, Searage is one of the best pitching coaches in all of baseball.

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Entering next season, the Pittsburgh Pirates should be one of the favorites in the National League. A big reason for this is a starting rotation with a top three of Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, and Tyler Glasnow. In order for this to happen Glasnow needs to begin to pitch in the Major Leagues on a consistent basis, and that time has come.

Tyler Glasnow has nothing left to gain from continuing to pitch in the Minor Leagues. The time has come for him to be in the Major Leagues to stay. And that stay in the Major Leagues begins today at 4:15pm.