Pittsburgh Pirates Monday Minute: 3 Bad Ideas

Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

On some Mondays, Rum Bunter will take a look at a popular topic on the Pittsburgh Pirates and give some thoughts on it in a quick article.

This week’s Monday minute will be about some bad ideas that have suggested that the Pittsburgh Pirates should consider doing.  Right now, the fan base is in full panic mode.  After a questionable trade deadline, a struggled on the road against two very poor teams, and being on the outside of the playoffs and looking in, many are starting to come up with ideas on how to fix things.

Some or these ideas are extreme and should be read with the idea that they are not going to happen.  These ideas also are not for the future, but what some people want to see happen right now:

3) “Move Gregory Polanco to first base..”

Gregory Polanco has one of the best, if not the best arm of any outfielder in the MLB.  He also is a gifted athlete that runs down a lot of fly balls for the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last two seasons.  Which is exactly the point.  Gregory Polanco has played outfield his whole career.  He has signed a long-term extension to continue and be the Pittsburgh Pirates right fielded.  Yes he is tall, lanky, and sometimes looks awkward in the outfield, but he has never played first base.  The Pirates moved outfielder Josh Bell to first base yes, but he is in the minors.  The Pirates have no reason to move an above average outfielder to first base, while trying to make the playoffs.

2)  “Pirates should trade Cervelli..”

The idea that the Pittsburgh Pirates would trade Francisco Cervelli is mind-boggling.  First off, the Pirates just extended Cervelli to a three-year contract.  Secondly, he is fits the Pirates mold.  He is a great pitch framer, receiver, throws out runners above league average, and offensively gets on base at a high clip.  Then the question is, who do you replace him with?  Elias Diaz?  Yes, Diaz is a very good prospect, rated a top ten catching prospect in all of baseball entering the season.  However, he missed almost half the year with elbow surgery and is still getting back into playing form.  Once again, would you really move a player who you just extended and replace him with a rookie coming off a long-term injury.

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1) “Release Jung-Ho Kang..”

Jung-Ho Kang is struggling big time right now.  One of the main issues is the obvious.  After the allegations came out against Kang, his batting numbers have dramatically declined, including hitting under .200 since.  However, the accuser is not cooperating with the investigation, which likely is good news for Kang, and perhaps may prove his innocence.  With that, we all know the upside Jung-Ho Kang brings.  In his first month back he provided a huge boost to the Pirates offense, including hitting in the middle of the lineup with power.  He also is very sound defensively.  The Pirates have Kang locked up through 2019, and could have him until 2021 due to service time.  The fact is, simply releasing Kang makes not sense.  If he is proven innocent, and gets his head back on straight he will be a big part of this team going forward.

These are three idea that have been floated out there on how the Pirates should operate to make the playoffs. Yes having Joyce, Cutch, Marte, and Polanco all in the lineup would be great, but it is not logical to move Polanco to first base in August.  Second, why trade one of the most productive catchers in the National League in the middle of a wild card chase? Third, there is no reason to replace a player just because he is struggling.  The Pirates do not operate this way, and will not act on him until more concrete evidence comes out against him, and that seems to be not likely.

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Disclaimer: This article was written for fun, not to be taken overly serious, but to share some interesting hot takes.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but these moves, in season, are extreme and will not lead the Pirates to the playoffs like some are suggesting.