Pittsburgh Pirates Set Starting Rotation For Milwaukee Series


On Monday night the Pittsburgh Pirates announced their starting rotation for their upcoming three game series in Milwaukee against the Brewers.

On Tuesday night the Pittsburgh Pirates will begin a three game series in Milwaukee. It was known that the Brewers would be starting Matt Garza, Jimmy Nelson, and Chase Anderson in these three games. However, it was not known who the Pirates would start.

Well, on Monday night the Pirates released their starting rotation for this series. The Pittsburgh Pirates will start Steven Brault on Tuesday night, Chad Kuhl on Wednesday night, and Ryan Vogelsong on Thursday. Personally, this disappoints me.

I wanted, and expected, Chad Kuhl to start one of these three games. I can live with Steven Brault starting on Tuesday. This is because either Brault or Vogelsong had to start a game in this series. And while I would rather neither start, if one had to start, I’d prefer it be Brault.

Earlier today I wrote this outlining how I would set up the Pittsburgh Pirates’ starting rotation the rest of the season. This rotation in no way, shape, or form included 39 year old Ryan Vogelsong. Unfortunately, Pirate fans will have to endure at least one more Vogelsong start.

I would rather see Trevor Williams or Tyler Glasnow start than Ryan Vogelsong. Both Williams and Glasnow have a chance to be a big part of the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates’ rotation while Vogelsong does not. Hell, I would throw Drew Hutchison in this category too.

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While I understand that, for many reasons, an organization wants to try to avoid upsetting its veteran players it is still frustrating to see the Pirates not going all in on preparing for 2017. Not only will Ryan Vogelsong not be part of the Pirates’ roster in 2017, he has also pitched terribly in recent starts. In his last five starts Vogelsong does own an 8.61 ERA, 6.05 FIP, and a 5.98 xFIP after all.

Continuing to start Ryan Vogelsong does the Pittsburgh Pirates no good. The Pirates could, and should, be giving his starts to younger guys that may help the 2017 Pirates compete for the postseason. Not to mention that Vogelsong is, ya know, not very good.