Pittsburgh Pirates News: Official Spot for 2017 MLB Draft


Now that the season is officially over the Pittsburgh Pirates have an idea of where they will be drafting in next years MLB Amateur Draft.

The Pittsburgh Pirates finished the season with a record of 78-83-1. This is their first losing record since 2012. With that being said this will be the highest that the Pittsburgh Pirates will draft since the 2012 draft. As of now the Neal Huntington will have the 13th overall pick in the draft. Now that can change. If a team with the 11th pick or the 12th pick signs a player who was given a qualifying offer then the Pittsburgh Pirates will move up a spot.

Right now the two teams with those picks are the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago White Sox. I would not bet on the Rockies splurging for a qualified offered player. On the flip side, it would not be surprising if the White Sox did. The Pittsburgh Pirates will not sign a qualified offer player because it goes against their management philosophy. Also, keep in mind that teams drafting in the top ten have their draft pick rights protected. If one of those teams were to sign a qualified offer player they would lose their second round pick rather than their first. So with that there is limited spots for the Pirates to move up. Here is the official order of the 2017 Draft:

1. Twins (59-103)
2. Reds (68-94)
3. Padres (68-94)
4. Rays (68-94)
5. Braves (68-93)
6. Athletics (69-93)
7. Diamondbacks (69-93)
8. Phillies (71-91)
9. Brewers (73-89)
10. Angels (74-88)
11. Rockies (75-87)
12. White Sox (78-84)
13. Pirates (78-83)
14. Marlins (79-82)
15. Royals (81-81)
16. Astros (84-78)
17. Yankees (84-78)
18. Mariners (86-76)
19. Cardinals (86-76)
20. Tigers (86-75)
21. Giants (87-75)
22. Mets (87-75)
23. Orioles (89-73)
24. Blue Jays (89-73)
25. Dodgers (91-71)
26. Red Sox (93-69)
27. Indians (94-67)
28. Nationals (95-67)
29. Rangers (95-67)
30. Cubs (103-58)

Remember unlike in football, the MLB draft order is set based upon the end of the year overall standings. So even if the Cubs get knocked out in the National League Divisional Series, they still will be drafting with the last pick in the official first round. In football you see the order based on playoff results as well.

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The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted 13th overall was actually in 2013. They took catcher Reese McGuire with that pick. That was the same year that they also drafted Austin Meadows 9th overall. Some trends from the last couple years. Last year the Rays had the pick and selected prep third baseman Josh Lowe. The Rays also had the pick in 2015 and took a prep outfielder from New York named Garret Whitley. In 2014 shortstop and now standout rookie Trea Turner went to the Padres (then traded to Nationals). Turner was a college product from North Carolina State. Then as mentioned earlier in 2013 the Pittsburgh Pirates took prep catcher Reese McGuire.

So the last four years have seen three prep players go and one college player. However, Neal Huntington varies with his draft picks. There is a trend with the Tampa Bay Rays organization that they take the raw, high-end prep players. Meanwhile the Pirates do not really limit themselves to college or prep. They will take whoever they view as the best available prospect regardless of age/experience level.

With that being said, the Pittsburgh Pirates have not drafted a pitcher in the first round since 2012. That pitcher was Mark Appel who they did not sign. Because they did not sign him they got Austin Meadows the next year at #9. The last time they signed a first round pitcher was Gerrit Cole in 2011. So it seems likely that Neal Huntington is due to draft an arm. This idea can especially be supported because of all the pitching talent the Pittsburgh Pirates had come up this year from the minors. It is time to get another elite pitching prospect to join Mitch Keller and the next batch of young arms.

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Although the draft is far away, it seemed logical to put all the information out there. This off-season pay attention to the Rockies and Chi Sox to see if they end up signing a qualified offer player. Also, the Pittsburgh Pirates will have an additional opportunity to pick up an extra pick first round pick in the Competitive Balance draft lottery.  That is if it happens.  The lottery will be in January but could see change depending on the new CBA that will be written up this off-season. Because of this there may be some changes to the lottery.  Furthermore assume that the Bucs will be picking at #13, and should be able to get a very good prospect next June.

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