Andrew McCutchen Potential Trade Fit: New York Yankees

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Neal Huntington look for best deal for Andrew McCutchen
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Although the Yankees do not have any proven commodities to offer the Pirates, they have one of the best farm systems in the league.  If the Pittsburgh Pirates could pull two or three prospects from the Yankees in a deal, they would do quite well for themselves.  As mentioned earlier in the article, the Pittsburgh Pirates need to take the deal that offers them the most value.  Yes it would be great to get a proven pitcher, but are you sacrificing value for help now?  The Pirates tried to trade for immediate help last year when dealing Walker for Niese, and it backfired.

The talks should center around the Bucs trying to get Luis Severino, who has MLB experience.  If they are able to work a deal for Severino, one of the other pitching prospects, the Pirates would be doing very well.  Now, if the Yankees are unwilling to move Severino, the Bucs must acquire one of either Frazier or Mateo, plus one of the pitchers, and another top 20 Yankee prospect. Chances are Frazier will be a tough get, and Mateo would make more sense to build a deal around.

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If the Bucs can get multiple players mentioned above, then they should look to swing a deal with the Yankees.  Even if a deal is not struck, the two sides will definitely talk as they seem to be a good match.  Plus Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington has a trade history with the Yankees. So yes, these two sides definitely make sense to link up for an Andrew McCutchen trade.