Pittsburgh Pirates: 2017 Outlook on Competing So Far

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Pittsburgh Pirates resign Nova
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Script Suggests Positive 2017

Now here we are three weeks later, and the script seems to be changing.  First off, the face of the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise is still in town.  There have not been many rumors since the Winter Meetings.  Baring a huge offer from a team like the Dodgers or Mets, Cutch will be here in 2017.  The Pittsburgh Pirates front office seems to believe this too, as they are starting to add some significant pieces to the team.

First came the signing of Daniel Hudson.  The former Diamondback reliever will join an already power bullpen.  Hudson projects to take over Neftali Feliz‘s spot as the 7th or 8th inning pitcher.  Then just yesterday, the Bucs made another significant addition by retaining Ivan Nova.   Ivan Nova was stellar for the Pittsburgh Pirates down the stretch last year.  If nothing else, Nova is the exact veteran, and middle of the rotation arm the Bucs were looking for.

Better Options

Bringing in these two significant pitchers on significant deals will improve the team.  Neither of them are dumpster dives, but rather established big leaguers.  Yes, Hudson’s stats look bad at first glance, but he is much better than that.  He was very good in 2015, and had a bad few weeks in 2016 that inflated his earned run average.  Obviously, with Nova, we know what he was able to accomplish here in Pittsburgh already, and he will continue to have success.  Will he be lights out like he was?  Most likely not, but he still is significantly better than what they entered 2016 with.

The Big Rumor

Lastly, the big rumor that has been all over social media for the last three days.  First reported by Buster Olney and then confirmed by Ken Rosenthal, the Bucs are working to acquire Jose Quintana.  Now obviously nothing is done yet, however it seems like the Bucs are the main team trying to acquire him.  There have been reports of the Astros, but they have backed off.  The Yankees also were reportedly in on him, but other insiders have put down these rumors.

One thing that is for certain, is that the big three have all confirmed the talks between the two sides.  The big three of course being Ken Rosenthal, Buster Olney, and Jon Heyman. There is nothing out there questioning the legitimacy of the Pittsburgh Pirates interest in the talented left-handed pitcher.  Quintana would represent a high impact addition.  He likely will cost the Pittsburgh Pirates at-least two top 100 prospects, including one of their elite prospects. They know this by now, but yet Rosenthal reports that talks are still ongoing.