Frank Coonelly Comments On Jung Ho Kang


Team president Frank Coonelly has commented on Jung Ho Kang

Last night, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Jung Ho Kang found out his sentencing from his third DUI. Kang has received a suspended eight month prison sentence in his native South Korea, and now he is free to join the team in Bradenton.

As long as Kang stays out of legal trouble the next two years he will avoid jail time. This is great news for the Pirates as Kang, once he gets his work visa issued sorted out, will be eligible to play for the team once again. However, more importantly, it is great news for Kang.

Jung Ho Kang has been given the opportunity to avoid jail time. Due to this, he can work to overcome his problems and struggles and become a better man while still playing the sport he loves.

This morning, Pirate team president Frank Coonelly released a statement on Kang. The full comment issued by Coonelly is below:

“Now that Jung Ho’s legal case in Korea has concluded, we will continue to work with him and his representatives in an effort to secure his work visa so that he may resume his career as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. We look forward to meeting with Jung Ho as soon as he is able to travel to the United States and having a serious discussion with him on the issue and how he has and will change those behaviors that led to the very serious punishment that has been levied against him in Korea. We will withhold judgement on what Club discipline, if any, is appropriate until we have had the opportunity to have that discussion. We will also withhold from further comment until we have had the opportunity to meet with Jung Ho. Regardless of the decision on the disciplinary issue, we will do everything that we can as an organization to assist Jung Ho as he works to change his behavior and grow into the man that we know he can be.”

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A Jung Ho Kang suspension would still be a surprise. Odds are, if he is not manning third base on April 3rd at Fenway Park it will be due to either injury or because he is not ready due to a lack of reps in Spring Training.