Pittsburgh Pirates home stand report card for June 27-July 2

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Pittsburgh Pirates
PITTSBURGH, PA – JULY 01: Andrew McCutchen /

Overall, the Pirates are in a pretty crappy spot at the moment. The effort that this team showed in its most recent series against the Giants was possibly the worst we’ve seen this season. The Pirates were up against one of baseball’s worst teams in their house and got swept. Not only did they get swept on the scoreboard, but the Pirates lost all three games in terribly frustrating fashion.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates will not win the NL Central. I’d love more than anything to be wrong on this one, but it won’t happen. I get how awful the central is, but even knowing that, it’s still hard to imagine that the team that ends up sucking the least in this division wins less than 85 or so ballgames. Do the Pirates look like an 85+ win team to you? If the answer is yes, you haven’t been paying attention. The good news is, the Bucs are facing a team even worse than the Giants next. The Pittsburgh Pirates will face the Philadelphia Phillies for a four-game series. But after what transpired over the weekend, it’s hard to like the Pirates chances against any team that they face. Rocky Balboa summed up the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates season 41 years beforehand with this quote; That’s right it stinks!