Pittsburgh Pirates: 2018 Draft Order Officially Set

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

With the regular season ending, all 30 MLB teams now know where they will be drafting next year.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are back towards the top half of the pack for the 2018 draft.

This is the first time since the 2013 draft that the Pittsburgh Pirates have drafted inside of the top 10.  In 2012 the Bucs had the number eight overall pick.  When the Pittsburgh Pirates failed to sign their 2012 first round pick in Mark Appel, they were awarded the number nine pick in 2013 as compensation.  Technically, the Pittsburgh Pirates had the number 14 overall pick in that draft as determined by their 2012 record.    Now in previous years, the draft could change. The top 10 picks were the only ones protected based on the Qualifying Offer system.  However, under the new CBA, the top 30 picks are protected.  Here is the complete list of the draft order for the 2018 MLB Draft:

#1 Overall Pick: Detroit Tigers (64-98)
#2 Overall Pick: San Fransisco Giants (64-98)
#3 Overall Pick: Philadelphia Phillies (66-96)
#4 Overall Pick: Chicago White Sox (67-95)
#5 Overall Pick: Cincinnati Reds (68-94)
#6 Overall Pick: New York Mets (70-92)
#7 Overall Pick: San Diego Padres (71-91)
#8 Overall Pick: Atlanta Braves (72-90)
#9 Overall Pick, Oakland Athletics (75-87)
#10 Overall Pick: Pittsburgh Pirates (75-87)
#11 Overall Pick: Baltimore Orioles (75-87)
#12 Overall Pick: Toronto Blue Jays (76-86)
#13 Overall Pick: Miami Marlins (77-85)
#14 Overall Pick: Seattle Mariners (78-84)
#15 Overall Pick: Texas Rangers (78-84)
#16 Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Rays (80-82)
#17 Overall Pick: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (80-82)
#18 Overall Pick: Kansas City Royals (80-82)
#19 Overall Pick: St. Louis Cardinals (83-79)
#20 Overall Pick: Minnesota Twins (85-77)
#21 Overall Pick: Milwaukee Brewers (86-76)
#22 Overall Pick: Colorado Rockies (87-75)
#23 Overall Pick: New York Yankees (91-71)
#24 Overall Pick: Chicago Cubs (92-70)
#25 Overall Pick: Arizona Diamondbacks (93-69)
#26 Overall Pick: Boston Red Sox (93-69)
#27 Overall Pick: Washington Nationals (97-65)
#28 Overall Pick: Houston Astros (101-61)
#29 Overall Pick: Cleveland Indians (102-60)
#30 Overall Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers (104-58)

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The Pittsburgh Pirates will have the number 10 overall pick.  They also will be awarded a competitive balance first round pick.  Under the new system, the teams eligible for the Competitive Balance selections alternate years between the first and second round.  In 2017, the Pittsburgh Pirates had their pick after the second round, so they now will have a pick after the first round.  With that, they will likely be dealing with one of the largest budgets of any team in the 2018 draft. Names projected around the number 10 pick as of now are: Casey Mize a pitcher from Auburn, Shane Mclanahan a college pitcher from South Florida, Mateo Gil a high school shortstop, Jackson Kowar a pitcher from the University of Florida, and Joe Gray a high school outfielder from Missouri.  Now obviously the draft is a long ways off and much will change by then.