The Pittsburgh Pirates Show Everything That is Still Good in the World


In an effort to help hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, the Pittsburgh Pirates have demonstrated everything that is still good in the world.

Even the most optimistical person alive must admit that the world we live in today is not exactly known for having good shine through. Between rioting, mass shootings, and other various crimes it seems there is no good news left in this world. However, the Pittsburgh Pirates are an example of the good that still exists in this world.

Led by the efforts of players such as Francisco Cervelli and Sean Rodriguez, the Pittsburgh Pirates have gone above and beyond in their efforts to help Puerto Rico. More than two weeks after the hurricane pummelled Puerto Rico, the island remains in dire need of help.

95 percent of the island still is without power, while only 88 percent have cell phone service according to this ABC report. This does not even begin to touch on all of the people without food, shelter, or clean water. While the United States government sits by doing, at best, the bare minimum to help the citizens of the island the Pittsburgh Pirates are stepping in to help.

It is not just the Pittsburgh Pirates that deserve credit for this, though. The people of Pittsburgh helped donate to the Pirates’ hurricane relief fund. All in all, the Pirates are ready to send over 450,000 pounds of relief on two planes to Puerto Rico.

Additionally, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers have joined in with the Pittsburgh Pirates in aiding Puerto Rico. These three teams once again showed why sports teams and players should not just ‘stick to sports’ as so many people like to say.

People can say whatever they want about Bob Nutting as a team owner, I am among those who have criticized him over the years, but there is no denying the man that he is. Nutting and the Pirates do a lot of work for Pirates’ Charities every season. Now, Nutting and the Bucs have gone above and beyond for helping the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding on the island of Puerto Rico.

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Today, this Pittsburgh Pirates’ fan and season ticket holder is proud of the Bucs. Kudos to Bob Nutting, Frank Coonelly, and everyone in the Pirate front office for their efforts. Same goes to Ron Burkle, Mario Lemieux, and the Penguins. As well as the Rooney Family and the Steelers.