Pittsburgh Pirates: New Report Denies Thomas Tull’s Interest


News: Two days ago, it was reported that former Legacy Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull was interested in purchasing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now, the report is being refuted.

Two days ago brought a lot of hope to many Pittsburgh Pirates fans.  It was reported by Fan Rag Sports that lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan Thomas Tull was interested in purchasing the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The report suggested that Tull was willing to offer $1 billion plus to the current Pittsburgh Pirates ownership. This makes the second MLB Franchise that Tull has interest in.  In 2012, he tried to purchase the San Diego Padres but was outbid.

Tull, the former CEO of Legacy Entertainment, grew up in New York.  However, he adopted all three of Pittsburgh’s major sports franchises as his favorites.  He is most noted for backing film series such as The Dark Knight Trilogy and The Hangover. He also invested in the Pittsburgh Steelers back in 2009 and became one of their minority owners.  According to Forbes, his net worth is $1.1 billion. Meanwhile, Forbes has the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise valued in the range of $975 million and $1.25 billion.  So the reported $1 billion offer would be right in the middle of the two numbers.

Tull Not Interested?

However, yesterday Bill Brink of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Tull does not have any plans of making an offer to take the team from Bob Nutting’s stingy hands.  Nutting himself has said in the past that he is not currently interested in selling the team.  This is an unfortunate turn of events.  On Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Pirates fan base was buzzing.  Many felt that a change in ownership would lead to the team being a little more aggressive in their spending.  Plus, it would more or less, rejuvenate a fan base that has become totally disgruntled with the franchise.

Next: Report: Tull Interested in Pirates

So for now, Pittsburgh Pirates fans will have to wait and see which report is true.  It very well could be that Tull is interested, but is not ready to make an offer at this moment.  It could also be that something was miscommunicated along the way and Tull really does not have interest.  I know we are all hoping that he does!