Pittsburgh Pirates: Former Players in World Series


Editorial: The World Series is set.  The race to four victories will be between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers.  What former Pittsburgh Pirates players are participating in the final games of the year?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have not made the World Series since 1979.  Every year people complain about how players we get rid of for nothing essentially always find their way into the World Series. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates continue to scuffle.  Last year, we saw former Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Rajai Davis hit a game seven home run for the Cleveland Indians.   Of course, the Pittsburgh Pirates fan base erupted throwing it back to when the Pittsburgh Pirates dealt him for a washed up pitcher in Matt Morris.  So, who will be playing in the World Series this year that will make loyal Bucco fans cringe?

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros have two-fifths of the Pittsburgh Pirates rotation from 2013-2015.  If you have watched the playoffs, then the first name should be well known.  Charlie Morton is the Astros number three starter.  He also was the pitcher of record in the Astros’ game seven clinch last night.  He threw five innings of shutout baseball and only yielded two hits in those innings.  This was after he was hammered by the Yankees for seven runs in 3.2 innings in game three.  However, he stepped up when the Astros needed him most and really looked like what Pittsburgh Pirates fan had hoped he would be.   The Bucs instead traded him for a sub par prospect, and now he is going to be the Astros’ game three starter in the World Series.

The other pitcher is Francisco Liriano.  Liriano is not in the Astros rotation, but rather pitching out of their bullpen.  This was a player who went from the Pittsburgh Pirates ace to being shipped out in a creative trade just to get rid of his contract. Liriano has had a very poor last two seasons, and he has not done much better in the playoffs.  He has pitched in three games and has an ERA of 5.40 in only 1.2 innings.  It will be interesting to see if he is on the World Series roster or not.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers have one former Pittsburgh Pirates player on their playoff roster.  They picked Tony Watson up at this year’s trade deadline.  When the left hander was dealt away from Pittsburgh, many fans were happy to see him go.  He struggled as the team’s closer, and quite honestly, he cost them a handful of games.  He did have success with the Dodgers, but also has struggled in the playoffs.  So far, he has thrown in six games and has recorded a 5.40 ERA in 3.1 innings.  He no doubt will be used by the Dodgers against the Astros this series.

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All in all, there are three former Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series this year.  Unlike Rajai Davis, all three players spent a good chunk of time playing for the Pirates.  They were also here during the playoff years.  All three were dealt away in trades, and all three now have a chance at a World Series ring.