After a crazy day, Gerrit Cole is still a Pirate… for now

PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 08: Gerrit Cole
PITTSBURGH, PA - JUNE 08: Gerrit Cole /

After a wild day of rumors, speculation, and some actual real fake news, Gerrit Cole is still a Pirate… at least for now

All off-season there have been rumors and speculation swirling around the future of Pirate ace Gerrit Cole. On Wednesday afternoon, it appeared all of this speculation was going to end. This is because all signs pointed toward Cole being on his way to the Houston Astros.

As the day went on it come to fruition that the reports of Gerrit Cole being traded was nothing more than some actual real, genuine, and bonafide fake news. Maybe people will learn what real fake news is now.

It all started when Jon Morosi of MLB Network Tweeted that a deal was in place between the Pirates and Astros to send Gerrit Cole to Houston.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports then said he was hearing similar things to Morosi.

At this point fans of both sides began to wait not so patiently in anticipation of what players would be going to the Pirates in return for Cole. Names such as Colin Moran, Derek Fisher, Francis Martes, Forrest Whitley, and Kyle Tucker were among those that were being mentioned.

However, no trade ever happened. And, to his credit, Rosenthal would admit to making a mistake.

Houston general manager Jeffrey Lunhow would then come out and say that no deal with the Pirates was imminent.

So, through all of this, Gerrit Cole is still a Pirate… for now at least.

Before all of the hoopla this afternoon I wrote this morning that the Pirates should trade Cole to the Astros. You can read about here. This is something that remains true. Regardless of how close the two sides did or did not come to a trade today, the Pirates should still look to trade Cole to the Astros.

As the old saying goes where there’s smoke there’s fire. There was a whole lot of smoke pertaining to Gerrit Cole being traded today. While there is no fire yet, it definitely appears that Cole’s day as a Pirate are numbered.

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In 35 days Pirate pitchers and catchers will have their first workout of the spring at Pirate City in Bradenton. Will Gerrit Cole be there? Well, that remains an unknown. However, after everything that happened today, it would appear that the odds of Cole still being a Pirate on February 14 are less than 50 percent.

But, for now at least, Gerrit Cole is still a Pirate.