Pittsburgh Pirates: 2018 MLB Draft Pool Budget

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The MLB has released how much each team will have for this year’s draft pool.  So what are the Pittsburgh Pirates working with for the 2018 draft budget?

Over the course of the last few seasons, the Pittsburgh Pirates have drafted in the bottom half of the league.  The Bucs have technically not had a pick inside the top 10 since 2012, although they had a compensation pick in 2013 (number nine) for failing to sign Mark Appel in 2012.  With that, they have seen some of their draft pools be on the smaller side of things since the system was installed. Last year, of course, was the largest one they have had being they picked at number 12 and had a compensation pick at number 42.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have several top picks in the 2018 draft.  This includes the number 10 pick overall, a position where they should be able to get an elite prospect.  However, they also were awarded the number 36 overall pick for the Competitive Balance A round.  This falls directly after the first round compensation picks.  Furthermore, they also have the number 51 pick overall for their second round selection, so essentially they could get three of the top 50 draft prospects when it is all said and done.

2018 Draft

So what are the assigned values for the Pittsburgh Pirates top three picks?  For the 10th overall selection, they are given a budget of $4,560,200.  Last year, the Bucs received$ 4,032,000 for the number 12 pick, so a significant increase compared to what they were given a year prior.  The Angels picked at number 10 last season and were given $4,376,800.  The Pittsburgh Pirates will be given $1,967,900 for the number 36 pick, that pick in last year’s draft was allotted $1,888,800. The Pittsburgh Pirates had the number 50 overall pick last year, so they moved down one spot in the second round this year at number 51.  The Bucs were given $1,357,300 for pick 50.  This year, they are being given more money, having $1,382,400 to spend in 2018 for the pick.

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Compared to League

All in all, the Pittsburgh Pirates total draft budget is a little higher this year than last year.  For the 2017 draft they were given a total draft budget of $10,135,900.  This year, Neal Huntington and his staff will have $10,390,000 to spend.  So not much more, but it makes sense as they are drafting in very similar positions, with their pick in between the first and second round being a little higher this season.  Compared to the rest of the league, the Pittsburgh Pirates have the sixth highest draft budget.  The Royals have the most to spend in the draft with $12.7 million.  The team in Kansas City’s first selection is not until number 18, but they have four picks in the top 40.  Still, the Bucs should be able to get really creative with such a high budget and high picks.

*All budget numbers are courtesy of MLB Pipeline