Pittsburgh Pirates: The Team Can Improve By Selling

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are currently six games under .500 and even further away in the playoff standings.  Still, the team can actually improve by selling at this year’s deadline.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in a similar position that they have been in over the last two seasons.  The team has played some really good baseball this year, but they also have played some really bad ball as well.  With that, they are just six games under .500 and could make a push to climb back into the playoff hunt if they start playing closer to the way the did in April.  However, that needs to happen sooner rather than later.  The MLB Trade deadline is just three weeks away and the team needs to figure out what they will do.  Will they sell off veteran pieces or look to bring in proven talent to help the current team?  A lot of that will depend on what they do over the next two weeks or so.

With that being said, the team could actually improve by buying or selling. While the Pittsburgh Pirates lack a current front of the rotation starter, there is really not obvious positions of need in the field other than two spots, shortstop and second base.  Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison are fine ball players.  They have done a lot of good things for the Pittsburgh Pirates over the last half-decade or so.  However, they are two of the slugs in the current lineup.  When Mercer comes up to bat he often does not inspire anyone watching.  Meanwhile, Josh Harrison seems disgruntled and is allowing it to affect his performance.