Pittsburgh Pirates: The Team Can Improve By Selling

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Pittsburgh Pirates
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Trades Need to Happen

The question should not be will the Pittsburgh Pirates trade veterans Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison.  It should be when.  Both players can bring back some minor league talent, with Harrison likely to gather a better return than Mercer.  Still, that should not even be part of the equation about what the Bucs would get in return. By trading these two Pittsburgh Pirates veterans, the team actually will not be missing much.

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Meanwhile, it will allow the team to call up two of their top middle infield prospects who are being very productive at Triple-A.  What is the worst that happens, they perform similarly to the level of the current two?  At least with Newman and Kramer, they are young, have upside, and could gain valuable experience to get them ready for 2019.  Even more so, what if they come up and burst on the scene and help this team start winning games.  Meanwhile, the team gets some pieces back for the other two that they can put into the organization.  Albeit, it would likely be prospects that they would get back in a trade.  As of now, the team is not going to turn it around due to Jordy Mercer or Josh Harrison, however, a youth change could provide a valuable spark and valuable experience going forward.