Pittsburgh Pirates: Over-Under Win Projections for 2019


Every year the Over-Under is released for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the rest of Major League Baseball. So what is the projection for the team?

One of the most talked about Pittsburgh Pirates things outside of baseball’s offseason is the discussion about the team’s over/under win projections.  A team like the Pittsburgh Pirates are always discussed the most because the team never wins an offseason and thus far fans have low expectations for the season.

Just last year, one could look to any part of Pittsburgh’s mainstream media and find that every sports reporter picked the Pirates to have a losing season.  However, the team was projected at 74 wins last year, which is where many set their actual win projections for the team.  While some thought the Pittsburgh Pirates would do better than the over, not many expected them to put up a winning season.

The Bucs ended up blowing out their over/under projection of 74 by winning 82 wins.  The Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Milwaukee Brewers also outperformed their odds while the Cincinnati Reds were the only Central team to not surpass their win projection. Overall, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Reds were projected at the same number of 74 wins, while all the other National League Central teams were much higher.

Vegas has now released their over/under odds for this upcoming Major League Baseball season.  In 2019, the Pittsburgh Pirates have 18th highest over/under projection.  The Pittsburgh Pirates line is 78.5, which is 4.5 wins higher than last season’s 74 win mark.  This mark is much more realistic than last season’s.  The young players on the team played much better than most expected.  While there have not been significant additions yet this offseason, one should expect the young players to continue to improve.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates once again are projected fourth in the National League Central. The Cubs have the highest line at 89 wins.  The Cardinals line is just below the Cubs at 88.5 and the Brewers are at 83.5.  The Cincinnati Reds are the only team below the Bucs at 77 wins.