Pittsburgh Pirates News: Spring Training Television Schedule

(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a little over a week away from starting Spring Training games.  So what is their televised schedule this year?

Major League Baseball and the Pittsburgh Pirates are getting back into the swing of things with pitchers and catchers reporting this week.  It is an exciting time of the year because baseball is just under two months away from the regular season starting.  This also means that baseball will return to our televisions basically every night of the week.

However, that is over two months away!  How can Pittsburgh Pirates fan get ready to start watching baseball every day?  As viewers, we need our spring training as well.  The good news is that spring training baseball is starting to be shown more and more each year.  This year even more games will be shown mainly between the MLB Network and some on the Pittsburgh Pirates local station AT&T Network.  AT&T Network usually shows two games a spring.

Obviously, when games are on MLB Network they are nationally televised, or at least regionally televised.  The MLB Network has released their spring training television schedule and the Pittsburgh Pirates have plenty of games that will be on.  Unfortunately, MLB Network is not part of general cable packages, so not everyone will be able to view the games.  However, if you want to watch and already have the channel there will be plenty of games to watch.  Also, the Bucs should have a game on ESPN this year.

Here is the Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Network Schedule for Spring Training 2019:

Replay: 2/24 Phillies 6:00 AM

Replay: 3/8 vs Orioles 3:00 AM

Replay: 3/10 vs Twins 9:00 AM

Replay: 3/12 vs Twins 1:00 PM LIVE

Replay: 3/14 vs Phillies 11:00 PM

Replay: 3/16 vs Rays 3:00 AM

Live: 3/19 vs Tigers 1:00 PM

Television Delay: 3/21 vs Orioles 4:00 PM

Television Delay: 3/22 @ Rays 4:00 PM

Television Delay: 3/23 @ Red Sox 4:00 PM

Replay: 3/24 vs Phillies 6:00 AM

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So the downside here is that most of the games that the MLB Network will be showing are games that will already be complete or be shown on a delay.  Still, it will be nice to get to see the action on TV instead of watching on a game cast.  Also, the Bucs have a lot of prospects coming to camp this year, and it will be fun to watch them play before being demoted back to the minors.  Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball is back, and games are just over a week away.